Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stuffie Olympics - Event 1

Hullo!! Well, we've all been enthralled with the Rio Olympics but now attention is shifting to the Stuffie Olympics! Thanks to Ajdin for hosting these!! I have created... er... entered a number of events based on my skill level. Are you ready? OK... let's go!!

Event #1 - Salmon Cooking

Yes!!! Alright... here we go... first I marinated the salmon in the fridge in a mixture of brown sugar, mustard, oil and soya sauce... mmm...

It does look good doesn't it?? Do I hear some drool pitter-patters in the blogosphere?

Now there are many ways to cook salmon but I am choosing the most athletic way, of course...

We are going to BBQ them! I turned the grill on to high... and then slapped them on there, skin side down and turned it down to medium... this was beary tricky because there were so many pieces to fit on the grill... but I managed it.

I peeked at the salmon about halfway through...

Oh yes... looking good!!! Then it was a matter of flipping them... with flare you know...

Just a bit of time on the other side and they were ready to come off the grill. Another tricky execution here, wielding that flipper and getting them slipped off the grill without losing any to the floor.

I think we have a perfect dismount!!! Oh yum...

And just for the vegetarians in the audience... some fresh potato salad made with red potatoes from the garden... mmmm....

That's it folks!!! All good Olympians need to sustain themselves with food and I think this event has prepared this athlete beary well!


  1. The judges will require a taste test! (I am a judge). :)

    1. I sent it weeks ago!!! You mean the Border Guards confiscated it and ate it???

    2. Could be the boarder guards or the post office.

  2. Great entry. How much Salmon does one bear eat? Seems like quite a bit of salmon for a little bear, that being said if you want to mail some down to a certain fox in the United States feel free to do so.
    Go Team Canada.

    1. Hehheh... pink salmon was on sale... $5 for a whole fish so we bought two and bbq'd both of them... mmmm.... I think the Border Guards confiscate all bbq'd salmon...

  3. $5 a fish is a great deal. Did you have to scale it?

    Well the boarder guards have a hard job so a little confiscated salmon seems like a nice treat for them.

  4. Great routine Sandy! I give it a 9.9. One-tenth deduction for all the little-bear drool on the floor. :) Hope you have a mop!

  5. Oh yummy, 10 for sure! (Jerry says 179--yes, on a ten-point scale).