Friday, August 26, 2016


I got mail!!

First up... a postcard from Jerry & Ben - they went to San Francisco...nice!

And then there was a thick Surface Post packet from Beanie Mouse. He did a great job of sealing the packet and I had to break out the exacto knife...

I'm in!! It's some cards to thank me for participating in the Travelling Sketch Book Project! Cool! Thanks Beanie!

Oooh... one of the envelopes is from my neck of the woods!! Hehheh...

And one is of pizza... yum...

And more pizza... yummers!!!

More food!!! Beanie, this is making me hungry!!

Oh, I like this one...

Thanks for the mail guys!


  1. Hurray!! Surface mail is travelling very quickly though...!!

  2. Hm, surface mail from our place is slow--those geese mail carriers must be taking a long break on a lake somewhere. Hopefully our little surprise arrives soon.