Friday, August 12, 2016

First Duties as an RCMP Bear

Hullo! I know... I have been beary remiss in not posting more adventures but... I really haven't been on any! With the Olympics on down in Rio, I have an official role to play...

"Official RCMP Bear Cheerleader"!!! Now... I don't know if you've been following Team Canada but... we have won 8 medals as of this morning and ALL of them are by women!!! Yup... And the swim team is just doing amazing... But, I've also been waiting for us to win a Gold medal and... last night, swimmer Penny Oleksiak came through!!

She tied with Simone Manuel of the USA for Gold. Naturally, during the playing of the Canadian National Anthem, an RCMP officer should be present... that's me!

Penny is 16 years old and has won 4 medals in the last 6 days. Amazing... shhh... they're playing Canada's anthem...

I have to stand at attention and look beary solemn...

I'm doing OK I think... except my nose is itching... (Penny is the youngest Canadian Olympian to ever win a gold medal!)

Whew!!! Almost done... (And... she's won the most medals by a Canadian at any Summer Games!)

Alrighty then... Go Team Canada!! And yes... they are housed close to the Brits and apparently having a lovely time together!

Which reminds me... Ajdin's hosting the Stuffie Olympics and... I need to get cracking and start training!


  1. Can't wait to see your olympics entry! perhaps dressage?

  2. I hear bears are good at swimming? Perhaps that can be your entry?

  3. **Oh CANADA!**

    ,,.Sorry, that's all I know. Those Olympians are certainly amazing. Gotta go work on my own entry...

  4. Love the uniform! We've been watching the Olympics too (or in the U.S., the Michael Phelps show). We do like to see him win more medals, but we wish they showed more coverage of the many other athletes. Fiji won it's first gold medal ever! Yeah Fiji!

    1. Heh... but then Joseph Schooling from Singapore won his country's first gold medal (ever, I thin) AND beat Michael Phelps. That's always cool, when a country wins it's first ever medal or first ever gold medal.

    2. Very true! Jerry thinks that those medals are just gold foil-wrapped round bars of chocolate. Ben just rolls his eyes.

      Did you see the Dutch woman who won a gymnastics medal, the first for her country since like 1929? We love stories like that.