Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sherlock Sandy and the Mystery of the Grey Day (Pt 2)

Hullo, Sherlock Sandy here and yes... we are still in the Grip of Greyness!

Spooky is the only one who feels relatively normal...

Although even her emerald green eyes are a distressing shade of... grey. Now... my blogger pals have come up with a few suggestions and clues... so let's see if we can crack this case!

Jerry & Ben suggested that Mama's camera was on a grey setting but after careful examination of the external controls...

and the Menu settings - I determined that her camera has no "Grey" setting. So we can rule out a technical issue.

Droop suggested that I should investigate something called Rainbow Brite...

Hmm... looks like there's a whole organization here!

And a quick look at Wikipedia (just to check if Rainbow Brite was legit) revealed that they have battled the colour-stealers before!! Ooohhh... maybe I need a Rainbow Brite operative to come and help me!!

I set up an online chat with them but they said all their operatives were busy and they had a year long waiting list. Eh? Colourlessness is that common? They even said one of their operatives had gone missing recently. Oh dear!

Alright... well.. Ajdin suggested I find a pack of Magic Crayons and get to work... So let's see what we have...

Hmm... a pack of beary old Laurentian pencil crayons. Do they even make that brand anymore??? They could be from the Middle Ages... heh-heh...

What else do we have? Gosh... everything looks so blah in grey!

Oh... this looks like it might be a set of colour markers but... most of them were dried out. Honestly... who stocks our office supplies anyhow??

Grumble, grumble... OH! What's that...

Ah-hah!! A package of Crayola crayons and...

A pack of Magic Crayons!!! Alrighty then... I take it back about the office stock-girl...

Let's get to work shall we...

Oh dear... I don't think these crayons are going to last very long... I seem to remember there was a lot of green out there!

And what if I colour the flowers the wrong colour and the bees get confused?? I need to solve this case not fix it! Any more clues??


  1. Hmmm, well, perhaps there is a deFISHcency in your diet and as a result everything looks gray. Maybe you need to tell your seKretary to have salmon on the menu!

  2. Oh yes Salmon, that's a good idea Jerry and Ben. In fact the Copper River Salmon is in season. ...maybe you can get some at the store?

    It seems that Spooky is mentioned frequently in the posts. I wonder if he is being framed?

    1. You have Copper River salmon too??! I don't think Spooky is the culprit... she has zero motivation unless milk is involved!

    2. Oh yes. Copper River Salmon is beary popular in Oregon. I didn't know if you had it in Canada. I wonder if jerry and ben have it in the Midwest?

  3. Of course, this could be an evil plot of Professor Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime. But Sandy is up for the challenge we're sure!