Friday, May 1, 2015

Mystery Puzzle Continued

Hullo again! I have had a hot chocolate or two... and am fortified and ready to tackle the rest of Ajdin's Mystery Puzzle... Mama says I should look for the edge pieces now...

There they all are... ones with two heads and ones with two openings...

Oh!! I think I know what that part says... "You are..."

Heh-heh... There's the edge... It looks like it says "You are Special"... Aw, thanks Ajdin!

But I should probably put these other pieces in...

Hmmm... looks like there is another word in the middle!

Hmmm... You are... belly... special"?

Noooo!!! "You are bear special!"

Thanks a bunch Ajdin - that was a beary cool Surprise Giveway!


  1. That is a cool gift. I recommend you and the gang have a celebratory Hot Chocolate and a couple of Cookies!

  2. What a fun and cool puzzle! Luckily you were around Sandy to help put it together...seKretaries struggle with those sorts of tasks!

    1. Thanks guys! I really am not sure what sekrebearies would do without us... seriously...