Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Garden Status

Hullo! Today I thought I would take a look and see how the garden is doing. We kept a calendar of when seeds went into the ground.

The radishes should be ready from March 8.

And on Mar 22 and Apr 5 we planted more radishes! And a bunch of other things.

Let's go check it out!

Errr... pardon the disaster... I have my crew cleaning garden pots and transplanting flower seedlings.

Oh dear... someone did get a tad dirty and wet!!

Never mind - come with me... here are our strawberries. They are doing BEARY well this year and I forecast a bumper crop. Which is good, because the freezer is bursting with rhubarb that needs a few strawberries.

Here we go... these are the first planting of radishes. Looking quite good I think.

And the second crop is doing well too!

What do you think? Is that not a yummy looking radish?

 Ohhhh... quite the haul of radishes! And they taste delicious too!

These are the first row of peas... we have two other rows that aren't quite as far along... this is called staggering your crops. We are trying to be more organized this year!

And our kale bed is quite healthy.

The garlic is coming along nicely - planted in November... harvestable in July.

Some carrots... surrounded by eggs shells to keep the slugs away!

And some red beets!

The chives are flowering right now...

And this sage plant has gotten way out of control!

Alright... so before we go... we are going to plant some yellow beans where the first crop of radishes were. Legumes help to fix nitrogen in the soil so... we are going to try them and see how they do here!


  1. The garden is looking great! Our's is coming along as well, although we are not as organized as you are with your board and marking dates of when items are getting planted.

    Also, I noticed that you didn't have any catnip planted. How do Spooky and Rascal feel about that?

    1. Thanks Little Fox! We tried the "organized" thing this year because last year was a big schmozzle - probably because I wasn't called on to supervise.

      We planted catnip in Calgary a few years ago and Spooky and Rascal were less than thrilled with it. They much prefer the store-bought cat-nip sewed up into little flannel sachets. They are discerning cats you know....

  2. Wow Sandy, your garden looks amazing! It's really fortunate that you are around to supervise and make sure everything gets done right! What do you do with your radishes? We like them in salades, and if you coarse grate them, you can drizzle them with some vinaigrette with a dab of mustard in it. It's beary good!

    1. Oh yes - I have been cracking the whip with my crew this year! I like to slice up the radishes and put them in salad as well. I will have to try grating them like you suggested - that sounds yummy!

  3. Garlic planted in November, harvested in July.. it takes that long for garlic to grow?

    That is an interesting use of egg shells - I didn't know that! I wish beary much that we had a garden.

    1. We add egg shells to our garden too, along with used coffee grounds, great way to recycle.

    2. Oh yes - most places I think you have to plant them in October - they like to sit in the ground all winter and get a headstart in the spring. It was a fairly warm winter so we might be harvesting ours a bit earlier - see how they look.

    3. @Jerry & Ben - we use coffee grounds too - from Starbucks of course - they give bags of it away for free! Mind you... the tea bags don't actually decompose... must make a note to write to them.