Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Photo Contest Results!

Hullo! Sorry for the delay in posting the results... I had trouble rounding up judges! Spooky and Rascal were a bit hard to pin down... so I had to dig a bit deeper.

This is little Rusty and an acrobatic turtle named Slo. They are beary eager to participate in the judging! So let's get right to it!

First up is Hammie's entry. Ooohhh... Hammie has chosen to send a picture with two classic signs of spring, tulips and chicks! And because chicks are messy, Hammie has chosen a variety that is good inside! The judges liked the symmetry in this photograph. Beary good Hammie!

Next up is Jerry's entry. The judges really liked the flower composition in this photograph. The colours and the textures are balanced by the "green space" to the right side of the photograph. Well done Jerry!

Then we have three entries from Little Fox. He took a few hikes and we all know that wild flowers are some of the first harbingers of spring. The judges really liked the back-lit yellow of the flowers.. plus the beautiful body of water in the background.

Little Fox's second entry is of a field of ... hello? Where did Sandy go?

Sandy are you OK???
Oh yes... just a bit overcome by the sight of all the Bear Tuft Grass!

Ah-hem... The bear vote swayed the judges a bit with this entry. Several judges noted that the white-tufted bear grass is definitely an indicator of spring.

Finally, the third entry of Little Fox... the beautiful paintbrush highlighted against the sky was beary well done!

And a last-minute entry from Ajdin. Ooohh... ahhh... Ajdin is perched in the branches of a tree full of pink cherry blossoms! The judges loved his pose and his je ne sais quoi look. (The judges secretly think Ajdin should sign up as a model!) Well done Ajdin!

Alright... it is now time to reveal the winners in the various categories! Drum Roll please!

Indoor Category
First Place - Hammie

Garden Category
First Place - Jerry

Wilderness Category
First Place - Little Fox

Runner-up - Little Fox

Runner-up - Little Fox

Urban Category
First Prize - Ajdin

Thanks to all the entrants and winners! Prizes will be sent soon... (must follow-up with Sekrebeary in a few days...)


  1. Oops. I thought I sent an entry to your Gmail address, but I must not have hit the "Sent" button. Oh well, next time! :)

    1. Oh no!! Nothing came through at this end - silly gmail... next time!

  2. Congratulations to all the winner! I am excited we all swept our respective categories. Nice to meet you Rusty and Slo, are we going to see more of you two in the future?

    Thanks for hosting the contest Sandy.

    1. You're welcome Little Fox! Slo is training to join Cirque de Soleil so he's pretty focused on that right now. Turtles take a bit longer to get trained you know. Rusty would love to go for hikes with me... I'll have to see if there is room in the backpack!

  3. How exciting! What great photos all around! Thanks for hosting the contest Sandy!

  4. Great photos everyone! Thanks for hosting the contest Sandy.

    Little Fox vs. Little Fox vs. Little Fox - does that mean he gets three prizes?

    Ooogie says heeeeeeeelloooooo to Slo by the way.

    1. You're welcome Ajdin! Little Fox only gets one prize unfortunately... shortages in the prize department apparently (new category coming on the Evaluation form it seems!).

  5. Ooooooh! We just discovered this post!!!! Wow! We are so happy!!! Congratulations everybody and Sandy thanks for having this contest!