Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mail Call!

Hullo! Guess who got mail today?? That's right... me!! It's a huge package from Ajdin... I wonder what it could be...

Hmmm... there is something way down in the bottom...

I got it out... but now how do I get me out??

Whew... alright... what do we have here... Ajdin's business card (beary professional), a card and a package. Cool!

Ahhh... Ajdin says this is my prize for winning his April Surprise Giveway! I think I was originally supposed to get Ajdin's new pair of pants but his Mom changed her mind... Let's see what this might be!

Ooohhh... I like the ribbon...

***rummage, rummage***

Wow!! Look at this! A message pad with a magnet (great for the fridge), Maybe Mama could hang it at bear level and I could use it for my grocery list to give to her.... liquid honey, sockeye salmon, creamed honey, smoked salmon, hot chocolate... you know... the essentials! Oh... and there's a post-it note pad in here too... I could leave reminders around the house - "Have you walked your bear today?" And... a Mystery Puzzle!!!

Oh excellent... I love puzzles...

Hmmm... there sure are a lot of pieces... Mama says I should look for the corner pieces first...

OK... got them!

One good thing with this puzzle is that you can see the shape imprints on the cardboard frame. So this piece... does not fit here!

But this one does!

OK... all four corners are in place... I think I need a hot chocolate break!

To Be Continued


  1. I am beary glad the package arrived. The envelope has a neat design. You look pretty good wearing it. Why don't you make a jacket or something out of it? :)

    1. It came the day after you told me it was in the mail! Cool! I do look good in blue pseudo-herring-bone, I have to admit. Mama says maybe I could make a Halloween costume out of it for next year!

  2. Wow awesome package! Mail from Ajdin is always awesome!

    1. It is awesome... that's cause he's Ajdin the Awesome!

  3. Ooo I can't wayte to see the rest of dat!

  4. How is the puzzle going? Will we get to see the final product?