Sunday, November 9, 2014

Birthday Bear Bus Adventures with Beanie

Beanie arrived!!! Yay!!! And we're off...

Our first adventure of the day was... mud-larking. Huh?? Well... apparently the Thames River experiences tides (cause its so close to the ocean) so... at low tide, people go down on the mud banks and look for interesting bits and bobs on the surface. (NO digging... that requires a Mud-Larking License).

There were all sorts of cool things: old nails, pottery, pipe bits, and lots and lots of old bones... You can see a bone below... (the the thing with the hole).

After a while, we had a good collection of cool artifacts... more on that in another blog post once they have been through a 10-point cleansing cycle. (Beanie brought rubber gloves for us - yay!)

Then we were off to the Tate Modern (of course!) which used to be an old hydro-electric generating thing. This was the turbine room... those turbines must have been massive!

We had lunch here...

But first, Beanie presented me with a present! It was my birthday after all!!

Oh wow!!! all sorts of cool Beanie envelopes and postcards!!! The one with the hairbands looks a bit like the London Tube map.

Our lunches finally arrived - fish and chips for me... yum!!!

When we came out... the tide was in and... the mud flats were gone!!! That happened awfully quickly!

Beanie had a couple of great adventures planned. One was a mystery bus tour. And the other was to follow the Paddington Bear Trail!! Since Nov 4, 50 bears have been put up around London!! Cool!! We found one right outside the Tate Modern. 

That's across the river from St. Paul's Cathedral.

But we aren't going that way yet...

We also found a cool small version of the London double-decker buses. This was an unexpected find and not part of Beanie's tour... but it fit in nicely!

Next up... A Shakesbear near the Globe Theatre - how cool is that?

That's the Globe Theatre - but not the original one from Shakesbear's time...

Back to the RV1 bus... while we were waiting...

Beanie noticed those two houses across the street and said "There's something funny about them!" Do you see it?? Beanie said "They are upside down!!"

Yup... This is what they look like if you stand on your head!

Then it was onto the bus... wonder where we're going?

Of course there were a number of weathergrams tied onto bus seats during our various journies!

Oh wow!! We are going across the Tower Bridge!! Cool...

And got off at the other end where the Tower was. Beanie squished through to the railing and got some pictures of the poppies in the moat, along with a gazillion other people. No way were we getting any closer!

That was OK, we caught another bus - don't ask me which one and got spit out at Liverpool Train Station. There was an antique police telephone booth there... I think it was from the time of Sherlock Holmes!

This is Liverpool Station... I wonder what is here? Maybe another Paddington Bear??

Nope, but there is a station to commemorate the Kinder Transport, when Jewish children from Germany and Poland were brought to England to escape the Nazis.

Beanie introduced me to a relative of Bob T. Bear!!! His great great great... something... I'll let Beanie tell you! So cool!

Another bus (this was a mystery bus tour after all) whipped us off to St. Paul's Cathedral. It was ridiculous expensive to get in there... so we passed...

But did find another Paddington Bear!! This one is called Bear in the Wood...

Hitched a ride on another double-decker bus and...

Ended up at Covent Garden where... we found a Guards Bus!!!

Plus a Rainbow Bear!!! He was beary popular with the kids and we had to stand in line to get our photos taken with him...

Whew... there was a huge Christmas tree here and a rumour that there was another bear somewhere...

Another bus!!! Where there are buses, there must be bears somewhere...

This bus had ladybugs hitching a ride on the back... just for you, Hammie!!

Covent Gardens was beary crowded but...

Eventually we found another bear!!!

And a bonus Highlands Piper!

A little bear expends quite a bit of energy in a quest to find Paddington Bears... Luckily, there was a Laduree shop here...

With Beanie's favourite treats! I had my first one ever and...

Oh my God - it was super scrumptious!!! These are mini ones... so delicious!!! Thanks Beanie!! I had a great bearthday in London!!!


  1. Oh woww Alexander, what a fab time you're having. It's really enjoyable reading your blogs & Kool photos x

    1. Thanks Dumpy - it was a great adventure and I got to see many cool parts of London - Beanie is a whiz with figuring out what bus will get us where!

  2. Oh wow! Great post!!! Macarons are sooooo yummie! And ladybugs on a bus????? So cool!!!!

    1. I had no idea about the macarons... I thought they might be sort of like marshmallows or super-crunchy. They were scrumptious!

  3. I am so jealous, looks like a great time. The paddington trail, ah you two are so lucky. By the way, what is the green stuff served with your fish and chips?

    1. The Paddington Trail was an added bonus!! The green stuff was... mint mush peas. I made Mama taste it but she made a funny face soooo... I didn't have any!

  4. Great day out,,,,,,, but you didn't post a picture of your Chocolate Birthday Cake!!! Or did you eat it too quickly?? Was it good????

    1. I know!! I realized that afterwards - it was absolutely delicious - possibly better than that macarons! There was a tiny fleck of gold leave on the top... was that real gold?? It was a tad messy to eat so glad I didn't try to manage that at Covent Garden!

    2. I knew it!!! Laduree are a tad expensive but SO worth the money!!!

  5. Happy Bearthday Sandy! That is great you got to meet Beanie

    1. Thanks Ajdin - it was great fun. Beanie is such a super tour guide!

  6. Oh gosh, what an amazing post! Treasure hunting with Beanie, seeing London, all the Paddington bears AND a photo with Beanie AND the Paddington bears, AND food and cookies with Beanie! We are SOOO beary jealous! What an awesome day! Give Beanie a big bear hug for us too!

    1. Thanks guys! It was a great day! I think I Beanie should start a tour company - Beanie's Tours of London for the Discerning Stuffie!

    2. Careful - I might charge you next time!!!!!