Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back Home!!

We are home!!! I am going to stay in my pajamas for a day or two... First thing though is to catch up on some mail. It seems like I've been gone for eons! And some of the mail came before we left but never got posted...

First up, a postcard from Little Fox! It looks beary beautiful where he was...

And then a card from Ajdin! I wonder if he played in any cornmazes?

Then an envelope from Little Fox...

With a note on the back that says we should get together in Vancouver (BC not WA!) some day - that would be cool!!

That's a pretty bearthday card - he says it reminded him of our garden. Thanks Little Fox!

And another enveloped from... can you guess??

See... the S is for Sandy and the balloons mean it's a beathday card...

And on the back... there's Jerry & Ben!! One of them is looking a little pudgy in the face... I wonder if Jerry's been preparing for winter hibernation?

With another bearthday card!! Thanks guys!!

And finally... a card from Ajdin!!

With a cute fishy on the front... I think it might be a salmon!

Heh-heh! Thanks!! It's actually from Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs and Oogie!! Thanks guys!

And now... I have to be a tisshoo isshooer... Mama came back home and promptly got a nasty sinus and ear infection... I can barely keep up with the tisshoes!

Whew... time for a break with Spooky!


  1. Wow! So much mail Sandy! I think you are keeping the postal service running with your mail alone...

    1. Well.... that was almost 2 months worth of mail sooo... not too bad!

  2. Glad you arrived back safely Sandy!

  3. It's so much fun to travel but it's nice to be back home. Spooky looks happy to see you as well...

    1. Spooky wondered where I had been for so long and how come I didn't bring her back any fish from the Land'o'Fish&Chips!

    2. "Did someone say Fish and Chips?!?" Jerry