Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Today I am finally getting around to carving my pumpkin and getting my costume together... I hope Mama has some bright ideas for costumes because I am drawing a blank! This year we bought a pumpkin carving book... it comes with pumpkin scalpels and patterns.

Let's see... which one should I do?

Eh?? A pumpkin top almost landed in my lap!! I better see what is going on...

Hmmm... this is a beary full pumpkin and a messy job.

Finally all the pumpkin guts are out... now... to get creative.

I found the good side of the pumpkin and... hmmm... that shadow looks like it might make a cool pattern! But Mama said I did a bear themed pumpkin last year so I have to do something different... sigh.

Alright... I've picked out my pattern and taped it to the pumpkin.

Now I have to take this little pokey wheel thing and run it along the lines... That is hard work!

Now we start cutting... and that was even harder work... Mama and I were sweating bullets that we were going to cut out an important part...

But we managed it!! Spooky doesn't like pumpkins it seems...

But she is a Halloween cat so... maybe she can help me come up with a costume idea because Mama and I are out of ideas.

 Two years ago, I was a beary spooky mummy!

Last year I was a beary spooky space invader from the planet Bearspaw...

But what about this year!! Ohhhh... Spooky help me out!!

 And she did!!! I got a wild and crazy idea...

No peeking!!!

Ta-dahhhh!!!!! Spooky looks a little shocked but... She was the inspiration for this costume.

 And it turns out I did a good pumpkin for this costume as well!! And Mama had a little tealight holder...

The trick-or-treat pumpkin was empty but... a little honey packet fixed that.

I think it works...

Rascal wasn't too impressed that I didn't use her for inspiration, but let's face it...

Halloween IS Spooky's season!

And in the dark...


  1. Great costume and pumpkin. Halloween is definitely Spooky's season.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  2. Today we made lanterns/lampions with G.'s group at school for the celebration of Sint Maarten 11 november. The children go from home to home and sing special Sint Maarten songs and get candy from the people they sang to. No costumes like halloween, just showing lanterns and sing. They made them all by themselves today, we were very proud! Having an older group is fun!

  3. That sounds like lots of fun. Did you make a lantern and sing for candy as well?

    1. The singing and going door to door is 11 november:-)! We only made the lampions friday. I didn't make one myself, I just helped the children when they needed someone to hold the lampion when they were glueing it. So happy they didn't glue me on the lampion as a decoration:-)!

  4. Great pumpkin and costume Sandy! I was about to buy the same pumpkin carving kit also, but so far I haven't carved the pumpkin yet.

    1. It was a little tricky with that prickle wheel - but it worked! Mind you - it got carved a couple of weeks ago and last night the cat fell into the opening... oh well!

  5. Awesome pumpkin and costume Sandy!

    1. The space outfit was the best ever! So clever! Although, a full Sherlock Holmes outfit for Sandy would be super beary cool! Ben would want a Watson outfit, and Jerry said he could go as Moriarty (although Ben jokes that he'd get him a Mrs. Hudson outfit, hehehe).

    2. Thanks guys! Home-made costumes are always better than store-bought but this year, with everything that was going on... store-bought was easier! I am definitely going to 221B Baker Street in London and we'll see what I can find. I'll keep my paws crossed!