Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where there is wood... there is smoke!



Oh hello... I have been busy chopping up the apple wood we collected the other day. Mama says it has to be in little pieces so... here I am... practicing my karate-chop and splitting the wood... Doing a pretty good job of it too...

There we go... apple wood chips...

Now... W-H-A-T are we using it for!!!!

Ohhhh.... OHHHHH!!!! Mama bought a second-hand smoker for $25... and we need the apple wood to smoke things! Of course she coulda bought some hickory chips at the hardware store but that's not half as much fun.

So... er... what are we smoking??? I think I know... I think I know!!!

It's salmon!!! Only pink salmon but any salmon is good at this point. Sockeye would be the best but... pink was on sale at the store apparently. So... it's soaked in a brine for a while. Mama got the recipe from Gramma who got it from a pioneer guy back home. Basically salt and sugar with some secret ingredients... poultry seasoning being one of them... go figure!

So... here we are... there are three racks in the smoker... perfect for the two fish we had.

OK... so it's in there... and the pan has wood... why is it not working??

Ah, let me handle that...

There is no on/off switch... just plug it in and stand back...

And be patient...

I see smoke!!! It's working!!!

Yup...definitely smoke! We let it smoke for 3.5 hours and then another 30 minutes in the oven... (next time a bit less time would be good... and less time in the brine too - 36 hrs was too much).

At the end of it... there they are...

Lucious, scrumptious, smoked salmon!! Oh yum!!! Any bears coming over for a visit??? Or foxes? Or mice? Or hamsters?


  1. Replies
    1. OK! I'll get out the camping foamies but you have to bring your own towel...


    Oh wait, we live far away, so we'll just drool all over the computer screen for now!

    1. Hmmm... somebody REALLY needs to invent the Star Trek transporter!

      Don't short-circuit the computer with all that little bear drool...

  3. That looks beary good and I am intrigued by the chicken seasoning. I am on my way, only need to take a bus to the airport, a plane to BC, and then a ferry across to your house. Piece of cake or shall I say Salmon.