Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vancouver - Sports Teams

Hi again!!! I am cracking the whip with my sekrebeary so... doing pretty good so far!! I came across this mural of the history of Vancouver from back in the olden days to the present. This is painting of Captain Vancouver... he looks kind of cranky... like he maybe had ulcers or something...

On today's little tour, we are looking at sports stadiums... from the outside. This is BC Place... it probably has another "corporate" name now... It has a retractable roof.

The BC Lions football team play here. Go Lions!!! RAARRRHHH!!!

And the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team... meh...

Across the street is Rogers Arena - it is relatively new and the Vancouver Canucks hockey team plays here. Go Canucks!!!

Did you know that "canucks" is another word for Canadians?? So the team banner... "We are all Canucks" must mean all Canadians are Canucks fans!! Heh-heh... no... probably not.

Just off to the south are the old Expo 86 lands... they have slowly been developed as condos but there are still big open areas.  This area looks like it is a big community garden. Cool!

There is a big open plaza around BC Place and it looks like you could just hop over that wall and be on the grass and play amongst the trees.

Don't you think?

I think little bears would love to play hide and seek there...

Except that previous view is deceiving because really... there is a big drop-off down there!!

They have had to put up signs to keep pets on a leash...

And warn people that there is a steep drop. Apparently one dog was chasing a ball (dog not on leash) and saw the trees and jumped over the edge and... yeah... it wasn't pretty.

Anyhow... after that grim detail... we'll wrap up our tour by saying hello to Terry Fox... He lost his lower right leg to cancer when he was a kid and decided to run across Canada back in the 1970s to raise money for cancer research. He started in the east and made it to Ontario before he had to drop out because his cancer came back. He's a Canadian hero! Another guy, Steve Fonyo, eventually did run across Canada (he too had lost part of his leg to cancer) but he's not a Canadian hero because he got into all sorts of trouble afterwards (drugs, fraud, etc). So... the guy who didn't finish the run is a hero... and the guy who did finish is not... Go figure!


  1. That's such a sad story about the careful if you play hide and seek. My roommate went to Expo 86 many years ago, he doesn't remember much except Saskatchewan had a cool movie that enticed him to move there.

    1. Expo 86!! Mama was there too... but doesn't remember the SK pavilion... does remember lots of walking and cool 3D shows at the CN Imax at Canada Place...

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes... in this case, it is always better to look before one leaps!

  3. Did you find any hockey skates that were little bear sized?

    1. Nope... little bear sized things seem to be in beary short supply...