Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vancouver Harbour

Hullo!! It has been a few days since I got back from Vancouver and already I am behind in sharing my adventures. Sekrebearies... sigh...

Anyhow... I thought I would share a pic of the library building in Vancouver where Mama was the day before. It is beary intersting - sort of looks like the Roman Coliseum... You enter through that narrow gap to the right...

And then are in a sort of atrium with little shops to the right and the library to the left... The roof of the building is interesting too because...

It has trees and grass growing on the roof!! Beary interesting... That would make a cool hide-'n-seek place!

Anyhow... now we're off. I always seem to just see the beaches of Vancouver, so Mama said today we would explore a little bit of downtown. This is the Sears Tower at Harbour Centre... it has a glass elevator that goes up the outside of the building. I don't think Beanie would like that beary much...

But Beanie would like these murals in the alleys!!

But I'm not going down there by myself... no way!

A few blocks away is the old Canadian Pacific Railway Station. It is now full of little shops and serves as a Skytrain and Seabus station...

A statue out front commemorates all the CP employees who signed up to fight in WWI and died - that statues is an angel carrying a soldier.

This is the back side of the railway station...

There sure are a lot of tracks here! That walkway goes to the Seabus dock which is off to the left. It goes to North Vancouver.

You can sort of see the Seabus dock in this picture. It is beary low on the water, just above all those cars. And in the distance is one of the container ports.

Ta-dah!! This is Canada Place and there is a cruise ship tied up here.

There is a fountain her as well...

I think it is a Princess Cruise ship. It might be going up to Alaska...

And that's it for now... Tomorrow  (or some day!) we will go for a wander through historic Gastown...


  1. Beautiful photos! Papa loves the library. We saw advertised online a train journey across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto...that would be sooo much fun! Maybe if we win the lottery, we could all do it and blog about it!

  2. That would be great fun!!! Are we old enough to buy lottery tickets?? I is just 4 years old...

    1. Sandy you are a beary lucky bear to be in such a cosmopoltan city like Vancouver! That library building looks interesting, are there any books there on the dominance of Starbucks or anything on Stuffie/Human relations? I went on a cruise to Alaska in 2012, we left from Seattle and stopped in Victoria Harbour. Alaska was beary cool and Jerry and Ben would have loved the food!

      I saw a calculator online that converts animal to human years. If you are 4 in bear years then you are 2 in human years so I think you might have to wait a little to get that lotto ticket. I am 5 years old and .88 years in human years myself.

    2. Ohhhh... I am still a beary young bear then! No lottery tickets for me... Maybe Jerry and Ben are older? I didn't find any books on Stuffie/Human relations... Although... have you read the Velveteen Rabbit?? It is THE classic book on stuffie/human relations... a beary good read.

  3. Oh that would be so much fun and you would see SO much, I am excited thinking about a trip like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hmm, If Ben starts selling cookies from his kitchen and Jerry starts selling vegetables from his garden you two will have plenty of money for the trip.

    1. We could all sell things! You could sell heritage tomatoes... I could sell blackberries! Pretty soon we'd probably have enough for a stuffie fare... not sure about the human companions, but they could take care of their own tickets!