Sunday, August 31, 2014

Camping - Day 4

Soooo... today we are off on another adventure. But I realized that I forgot to mention an important part of camping... you have to cope with outhouses!! They can be a bit fun... particularly if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night...

We are off on a forest walk today...

Some of these trees are huge!!!

Oh look, it's a nice calm river! It would be nice to go down there and play in the water.

There is even a bridge, just downstream...

Ohhhh.... that calm river flows down into a gorge!

Maybe playing in the river upstream of this is not such a good idea!

We went downstream along the gorge for a little bit. Those sure are steep cliffs...

Down below, there was another bridge with another waterfall... you can't quite see it because it is behind that big boulder that is jammed in the gorge...

But downstream of this bridge... wow!!! There was a beautiful green, blue pool!

If I was a swimming bear, I'd be in there right now!

But I is not a swimming bear. Plus, the water was a tad cold...

But... I could hop scotch on those rocks and sit on that boulder in the middle of the river.

Ahhhh... this is the life!

It is really quite beautiful here. We came in the morning, but by the afternoon, the place has a lot of people who are cooling off in the water.

We hiked back to the campsite and I came across some Maidenhair Fern - it likes cool, damp forests - beary beautiful.

Back at the camp, I was in for a bit of a surprise! Turns out Irene is a bit of a tight-rope walker... on a Slack Line. She says it is great for her abs and her back.

I wonder if elephants balance on this as well?

She has been doing it for a couple of years and is quite good. She can do a pirouette turn in the middle of the span!

I thought I would give it a go but... my balance is not the best, even on terra firma... so I thought I would just sit and watch.

Another surprise was that Valentin had also brought a stuffie along on the trip! A shy rabbit named Hassie... He got brave enough at the end to come out and say "Hello"!!


  1. Hassie must be really shy to be hiding from you for 4 days of camping. I am glad that you neglected to show the inside of the outhouse.

    The hike looks beary cool and I love the green colour of the lakes. It's so neat that you cousins travel with a tight rope - did Hassie show off his (or her) skill on the tight rope?

    1. Hassie had been told horror stories about Canadian bears so.... he took a bit of coaxing to come out of the tent! The outhouses aren't all that bad... hand sanitizer and TP galore!

      Hassie wasn't much of a slack-line walker... being more of a floppy bunny than anything else...

  2. Such nice nature photos! We're glad Hassie poked his head out to say hi! We're sure Sandy can coax him to share a few more photos! Ben wants to know if Sandy's mom packed enough honey and cookies for the long trip...he worries about such things.

    1. Well... we did have loads of second-class hot chocolate... and the berries were a nice treat. Honey was in fair supply although cookies were of the gluten-free variety because of the cousins. Blech.

  3. Second class hot chocolate and gluten-free cookies don't sound all that appealing, but in a pinch, they are better than nothing. Ben says that Sandy needs a care package!