Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mail and.... Surprise Mail!

I got mail today!! A postcard from Beanie... who was just in France, visiting Paris... in the springtime no less!

Sounds like he had a good time even if the weather was a bit damp...

Hello? What's this?? More mail??? What the heck??

Oh!!! Oh my goodness... It's the traveling book from Beanie!!

Wow... it's beautiful! And with a long list of instructions...

Thanks Dawn (who sent it onwards to me)... and to Beanie for starting this... Now I just need to get beary creative!


  1. You got a traveling book? Does that mean you get to take a trip with the book? Where do you think you will go?

    1. Well, I guess I could take a trip with the traveling book but Mama is shaking her head. Sigh, no big trips for me. The book travels around - It is off to the land of Oz after me! I wish I could go...

    2. Wow! The traveling book! I think we are next on the list...but take your time, Papa has to work in Ohio again for 2 weeks, so we won't be able to help create anything until more toward the end of June.