Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mail & Chocolate

Hullo!!! I got Beanie Mail today!! In an envelope made out of a flyer... or an "advert" as Beanie would probably say.

Thanks Beanie!!!

The card had a cool Creativity card on it... which I think is beary appropriate. Little bears have to be creative in gardening and hiking and so many things in life.

That same day I also got to go for a walk and I saw... a bald eagle!

And more fawn lilies...

Tonnes of fawn lilies!

But most impressive was.... (Ben - make sure Jerry is sitting down)... a Chocolate Lily!! Yes!!! Isn't it pretty?? It is beary rare.... I think... mostly because little bears tend to eat anything chocolate...


  1. My roommates get nervous whenever they see birds since I am such a little fox and they think I am going to get carried away.

    Those fawn lillies are so nice, I have never seen a Chocolate Liy before.

    Jerry any word on the gardening situation? Do you have your flowers planted yet?

  2. PS - That is a cool envelope from Beanie....that mouse is SOOOOOOOOOO creative.

  3. Oooooh! Now im excited tooooo! Look at my post from today!!! Think it might be the same flower!!! Here it is a very special plant that you don't get to see very often:-) do you think it is the same?

    1. I saw your pink spotted lily! I think they are related - at least the same genus, but different species. That is pretty cool.