Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Hike off the Beaten Path

Oh boy!!! It was nice and sunny and I got to go for a hike. 

But rather than going on the regular trail, Mama said we were going to try a different one. I wasn't too sure about this but she said she's done this trail before and it was interesting so... OK.

Cute mushroom thingies!

Eh... what does that sign on the tree say? I can't quite read it?? Mama says it's not important but I don't know...

Uhhhh... are we sure this is a good idea??? Turns out it is part of a new subdivision and they are trying to keep dirt-bikers out... but bears and people who tread softly are OK...

Oh boy - this looks like a beary muddy trail!!

It's a good thing I am such a trusting, adventurous little bear, otherwise I woulda turned back a while ago!

And a chain link fence... sigh... it's clear that people have made a hole through this fence before we came along. I wonder why??

Oh, there's an old road here! Maybe it's a logging road?? Nope... Mama says this used to be DND land... which is Department of National Defence... ummmm... this is turning into a beary interesting hike! Apparently they no longer use this land anymore... which is good for little bears!

Ah, back in the forest and away from DND and fences and into the moss.

Uh-oh... the trail is getting muckier!

Mama... why can't we be on the regular trail where there are bridge across the mucky bits!

Oh... never mind... somebody has carted a bunch of lumber in here...

And built a boardwalk over the muckier bits! Isn't that nice... I think it's for mountain bikers though...

But little bears could use it too... except if a biker came and met a little bear, I think it would be the little bear who would have to make way for the bike!

Oh great... a fork in the trail!! Which way???

To be Continued


  1. Fortunately you wore your boots Sandy! You'll have to explore both forks to see where they lead!

  2. Sandy, be beary safe on those unmaintained trails and the DND land. Did you see any bears mountain biking?