Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mountain of Luang Prabang

Righto, I am woefully behind on this blog but... here is my last adventure in Luang Prabang! There is a hill in town and someone decided to climb it... I have to admit, there were great views of some pagodas!

But the stairs... oh the stairs... they are not designed for little bear legs.

Ugh!! Alley-oop!! Whew!!

And it is super hot... and I am super-tuckered out!

But I made it to the top and... met a kitty! Hello kitty!!

She was pretty cute.

There was a great view of the Mekong River from up there. I have seen the Mekong in several cities now... Phnom Penh, Can Tho and now Luang Prabang!

This is a view to the east, over the Nam Khan River...

The mountain has a little pagoda on top with some Buddha statues.

But not much else. Not sure what was in this little house.

I even found an old gun emplacement up there!

That was totally weird... a pagoda with Buddha statues and an old gun from the war...

We were heading down the stairs but then there were some big drops starting to fall! Uh-oh... I think it might be raining!

And big drops they are too!!

Look there's another one!!

And more!!!

Why is Mama not picking me up and tucking me into the backpack???

Because those big drops were the sweat dripping off her face!! This is my most disgusted little bear look!

Down near the bottom, some more Buddha statues... I think they are saying "STOP sweating on  little bears!"

Not just one Buddha either... several have their hands up! But Mama says they were here long before she was, so the hands up don't mean "stop sweating on little bears"... I don't know about that!


  1. Love those "stop" Buddhas! Such a wonderful journey! Haven't posted a comment every time but I've seen almost all your post Sandy!

  2. That looks like a big climb Sandy! We would have had to have a ride in a backpack. The views are wonderful! You can tell your mom that we are enjoying a cool caramel frappuccino inside today, and yes, it is SO good.

  3. @Hammie - Thanks! I know how hard it is to keep up on posts when you're busy!

    @Jerry & Ben - Ooooohh... a cool caramel frappuccino??? Mama just got a dreamy, far-away look in her eyes... only 6 more days and we are in Hong Kong for a layover... and they have those!

  4. Hey Sandy! We have made a post about the chickens going into their new space this morning, we even put in a little film! Hope you like it!

  5. It is so hot here! Upper 90s, so tell your mom the frappuccinos are waiting back home, we promise not to drink them all! Enjoy your last days of this wonderful experience.

  6. @Hammmie - I saw it!! Have to go comment too... looks super good!

    @Jerry & Ben - Yeah, it's hot here too... 36 and feels like 48!! Ugh - That is 97 and feels like 118... This little bear needs to come home!!