Sunday, March 24, 2013

Verdant Vancouver

Guess where I am!!??? Ohhhh... I guess it's in the title of this post already... Well, it's true, I am in Vancouver!
I'm not sure where we are going - but it's sure to be an adventure!

 What's this? The University of British Columbia?? Cool!! Are we going to go and study something??

 Nope, we are going to the Botanical Garden. Hmmmph... my little island is its own botanical garden. But it'll be neat to see what they have here.

 Ooooh... A Canopy Walkway!!! I've heard of those...

OK, this could be seriously cool!!!

There it is!!! That's the start of the walkway... Oh boy... oh boy.... Oh.... what??? Mama says that the walkway is closed from Nov 1-Mar 31. Phooie!!!

 Oh well, I'll just have to admire it from terra firms - that's it up in the air....

And this is one of the platforms around a big old fir tree. It sure would be fun to go up there... maybe next time.

There are still some cool things to look at. Like little streams.

And real, live, ficus trees... you know, the ones that everybody has in their houses.

And monster ferns! Can you see me?

 And tonnes and tonnes of rhododendrons. This one is just starting to put out flowers. It has medium leaves.

 This one has ginormous leaves!

 And this one has teeny-tiny leaves.

Oooh... flowers!!! So pretty...

Eh? What's this lying on the path?? Did somebody drop part of their lunch? It looks like a kiwi fruit.

Ohhhh... those all look like kiwi fruits!! This isn't from someone's lunch!

It's from a huge kiwi vine!! So that's what they look like...

Oh, and one more flower... I guess it is the season for red rhododendron flowers. Excellent adventure... and did you notice I am in my t-shirt sleeves!! Beary warm here too... ahhhh... so nice to have escaped the wrath of winter this year. (N.B. Note from Mama - this is called "foreshadowing" unbeknownst to Sandy)...


  1. Wow Sandy, it's so green there! We still have cold and it's snowing in some parts of the midwest today! Hope you have a nice stay!

  2. Wow! kiwis falling from the tree? I am jealous! Can you eat them?

  3. @Jerry and Ben - Oh it was lovely!!

    @Hammie - Nooo...they were a bit rotten and over-ripe. But I know places on the little islands where they grow them and you can buy them in the stores here!