Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Flowers

For those of you still experiencing the fierce grip of winter... I thought I'd show you that spring is coming! (And has come in some areas!)

First up - we have snowdrops...

Lots and lots of snowdrops...

Tonnes of snowdrops in fact!!! I have never seen so many snowdrops in my entire life! Which isn't beary long mind you - but even Mama said she's never seen so many.

They are beary cute - I didn't know they had a bit of green on their petals.

And... do you see what's in the background??

Sheep! But not just any old sheep.

There are young lambs running around and calling for their mama's.

Oh, and of course we have crocuses... these are striped ones - beary pretty.

And the crocuses bring out... the bees!!

And some mini-irises too... what a lovely shade of purple.

And... daffodils!!! Aren't they pretty??? I found these growing in an old apple orchard...


  1. Wow, Spring has sprung where you are Sandy.
    Not here, there was light coating of snow this morning. It all melted during the day. More flurries this evening. Mom says we are so done with the snow.

  2. @Buttons - Yup!! We only had snow on Christmas Day, which was definitely different than I am used to! I think Hammie & Sullivan in Holland got a huge dump of snow in the last day or two... they are probably digging themselves out. Too bad I can't put spring flowers in the mail!