Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Day on the Island

Can you believe it?? Today is our last day on the island!! How did that happen? Five months went by beary quickly.

We went for a nice long hike today - on a new set of trails that we found. They look complicated!

At least they are well marked... I think we'll go to the viewpoint!

Yup, that's a lovely view all right!

And it's nice and warm and sunny today as well.

You might think that I am standing on a meadow... well... not quite.

It's a meadow of moss!!

That's because the bedrock is beary close to the surface and nothing else can really grow there. This is the trail... it's easy to follow!

Bye-bye arbutus trees!

And another way-station... where the heck are we? My goodness... we are far from the truck!

Alright people... let's go! Let's sing a song... "We're off to see the Wizard! (la-la-la... la-la-la)"


  1. The wonderful wizard of woz!!! wonderful winberful womblefud wuz, the wizardy wuzardy woz!!! lalalalaLAlala...... skippedy hoppedy hup!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful island adventures Sandy! We sure have enjoyed following them and seeing all your great photos. Safe journey to your next stop!

    Happy Easter too!

    Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  3. Looks like you're having some fun there, Sandy. Love your hiking outfit!

  4. @Beanie - oh yes!! Now I want to skipping down the trails!

    @Jerry & Ben - Thanks guys! And Happy (belated) Easter to you too.

    @Feronia - Thanks - I like my hiking outfit too. It was super warm too and I almost wanted to take my t-shirt off. But Mama said the sight of a shirt-less bear skipping through the forest humming "We're Off to See the Wizard" might scare the other hikers a bit too much.