Thursday, March 14, 2013

Explore the Seashore

Hullo bears and not-a-bears. I am at the seashore today... but it's not just any day at the seashore... today is a day when the low-low tide is happening during daylight hours!!

I've been to this beach before, and the tide has never been this low! Usually the low-low tide is during the night in the winter... but spring is coming (has come!).

First up... I want to show you our resident sea monster! Wait for it... wait...

 There!!! Did you see it??? It sort of looks like a really thin Loch Ness monster, doesn't it??

 There it is again! Just a different end of it... do you know what it is?

It's a sea otter!! He would dive to the bottom and then come up and crunch on something - probably a clam of some sort. Pretty cute!

Oooohhh!! This is a many-legged starfish!!! I think it has at least 18 legs... maybe more! He is hiding out in a crevice in the rocks...

...!!!! Oh dear... oh dear... a little wave came into the crevice...

And little starfish is upside down!!! We need the Starfish Rescue Squad!! I scampered along the rocks to try and help but Mama said it was not a good idea. Starfish mouths and tentacles are not good for little bear fur sooo... I waited for Mama to get some sticks and...

Voila - Mr. Starfish is rightside up again... whew!!! Let's see what else we can find...

 Ewww... what the heck is that thing??

 It's actually two things... the dark segmented thing on the right is a Chiton. The orangey thing is a sea anemo... anen... oh bother... you know... They look much prettier when they are underwater and their tentacles are floating. I didn't know this but... their tentacles are poisonous!

Oh... this is a little tiny starfish... he isn't too happy either - having been left high and dry by the receding tide.

Can you guess what this is??? It's not a coconut cake, that's for sure! It's another sea anemo... one of those things...

And here's a little crab... deceased already.

And this pretty thing... is the center pattern of our regular purple starfish!

Except not all of them are purple - this one is sort of browny orange. Cool!!! I saw 4 different types of starfish today and a whole bunch of other sea critters. It pays to come out at low low tide!


  1. I don't know how to spell aniniinny monimoney either, but they're very pretty!!!

  2. Oooh, nice puctures! We love the seaside too! Specially when there is about 30 cm water in a rockpool, so the little fish and crabs and other little sea animals are still living in the little pool so you can see them move around... Thanks for showing!

  3. @Beanie - No... that word just has too many "n's" and "m's" in it! They are much prettier when they are under water!

    @Hammie - Tidal pools are lots of fun!!! We don't have many of those here though... maybe one day I'll get Mama to take my snorkeling again in my zip-loc bag and I can visit the sea anemen... ameno... those things, when they are all pretty under the water!