Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Climate Change

I was beary tired after our whirlwind trip to Vancouver. When Mama got up super early on our last morning, I grumbled a bit and snuggled deeper into her backpack. I know from experience it is a long trip home-bus, skytrain, bus, ferry, car, etc. So I happily snoozled away, dreaming of tubs of honey!

Finally, I woke up and stuck my head out of the backpack and... well...

 What the heck is all the white stuff!!??? We got snow while we were away??

 Ummm... that would be an awful lot of snow for our little island! Is this climate change???

Oh my goodness... this is not island snow - it is light and fluffy! And it is beary cold here too! Toto... I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!

Definitely not on our island. There are no hills. No smell of the ocean. And the trees are small!! Are we back in flatland????

 Mama showed me a picture she took from the plane - yup... that is definitely flatland! But apparently we aren't in Calgary, but farther north, in Edmonton. Mama says this is an "unexpected" trip. No kidding!! I wasn't expecting this at all!

There is a tonne of snow here - at least 4 feet on the ground. Apparently they had a Clipper come through which dumped a foot of snow on the first day of spring... sigh...

I forgot what all the snow is like! It's fun to play in!!!

Except it is so light and fluffy, I keep sinking past my armpits! I could become a little snow tunnel burrower! But Mama yanked me out before I got soaked. Oh well... Beanie had a snowstorm in Lilles, Sullivan had snow in Holland, and I think Buttons and Jerry & Ben are still digging out too! Tis the season for late winter storms!


  1. Wow that sure is a lot of snow Sandy! Make sure you don't get lost in it; we're a little worried seeing you in that last photo, but we know your Mom is around, so you'll be ok. We still have a few piles of snow left, but it's mostly melted; we can't wait for spring!

  2. It is supposed to get warmer here too but... we are still waiting!

  3. Ben keeps shouting up at those Canadian tourists flying in the sky to take a little scoop of snow home with them, but they just honk back...likely they are tired of winter too!

  4. @Jerry & Ben - I bet!! I think those tourists are saying "There's still snow up north, we can't bring more of the white stuff up there!"