Monday, March 4, 2013

Bluebeary Baker

OK... today is the day. I have been watching Jerry & Ben baking all sorts of yummy things and... today is the day! I am going to help Mama bake bluebeary tarts! Yummm!!! We might be running low on honey, but these will definitely keep a little bear happy for a while.

First - clear a good space on the countertop.

Then - get some bluebearies... these were wild ones that Mama picked in 2011... wild bluebearies are the bestest! They've been kept in the freezer and we even brought them with us to the island.

There we go... bluebearies are ready...

Now, we measure out 2 cups of bluebearies... more or less...

Then pour them into a pot... because they're frozen and need to get unfrozen.

You can also check to see if there are any twigs or pine needles or caterpillars that Mama picked as well... This batch looks pretty clean.

Now you put the pot on the stove and on about medium heat... (Note: the white electrical cord is going to the slow cooker which is sitting on the stove as well - cause we needed counter space. This is not a good idea but Mama made sure the cord didn't get anywhere near the hot element!)

Now what... well... we need to make some tarts. We could try to convince you that we baked up a batch of pie dough and made the tarts by hand but... heh-heh... I'll just step aside and show you what we are going to use.

Mini-tart shells!!! Frozen ones... Ben the Baker would probably make pie dough by hand but... I am just a novice baker bear!

So... you take the shells out of the box and separate them...

And put them on a cookie sheet... they have to thaw for a bit and then they can go in the oven.

Meanwhile - we also need to get the sugar and the corn starch ready.

Oh, and remember to stir the bluebearies...

They are starting to thaw... see the juice forming?

Ahhh.... sugar!!! Almost as good as honey!

Anyhow - we need a half a cup of sugar - and the measuring cup is a bit old so we are having to eye-ball it a bit.

And stir the bluebearies again...

And get some cornstarch... we're going to need to add some cold water to it... otherwise we'll have lumpy tarts!

And stir the bluebearies again!

And get the tarts shells out of the oven. Whew... things are moving quickly now!

So, there is our corn starch mixture... and the tarts are cooling a bit.

When the bluebearies start bubbling, put in the sugar, stir vigorously... then add the corn starch until the mixture thickens... That looks good!

And now I get to spoon the bluebeary mixture into the tarts... I have to be careful because I am wearing a white t-shirt!!

Ta-dah!!! All done... now they just need to cool for a bit... 18 of them...

Oh wait... now there's only 17 of them!!


  1. Yum!! Sandy you are a baker after my heart using frozen tart crusts. Just what I'd do. Great tutorial for blueberry tarts.

    Slick eating ;9 didn't even get a blueberry mustache.

  2. Yum! I think I need to make some blueberry tarts, too! That looked so good!

  3. Ooooooh! How we would love to taste that! I vote for internet with sending nice things to eat opportunities :-)!

  4. @Buttons - Well, convenience is a big plus! And Mama figures that since they are hand-picked wild blueberries that store-bought crusts were a great compromise! I can be a beary tidy eater when it comes to bluebearies!

    @Lori - They were super yummy! But it was out last batch of bluebearies... sigh... Mama will have to take me out bluebeary hunting!

    @Hammie - Yes... would be nice if we could send you some bluebeary tarts and you could send us some cheese!

  5. Yummy! When should be come over to help you taste test them! Jerry is starring at the computer screen and won't let Ben scroll to read all of the story...he only wants to look at the Sandybeary tarts!

  6. @Jerry & Ben - You probably have little bear nose prints all over the computer monitor! I was thinking I should save some and send them to you... but I just went to look and... they are ALL gone!!! Hmmm... this might be a case for Sherlock Sandy... I didn't do it so it is clear that the humans have been pilfering MY bluebeary tarts!

  7. All Gone! Jerry swears that it wasn't him, but Ben is checking his sweater for crumbs, just to make sure.

  8. That Jerry... I'm sure if anyone could pilfer sweets through the internet, it would be him!