Monday, March 18, 2013

Another (!) Starfish Rescue Mission

I don't know what's going on with some of these starfish but... they aren't paying attention to the tides!

Look at this guy - he is far from his buddies stuck to big boulders. He is trying to hold on to a mud flat.

I stood next to him and looked at Mama with my big little-bear eyes... "please, please, please... can we rescue him!" Mama shook her head but she is a sucker for little bear eyes!

I got her a couple of little sticks... because starfish can damage skin if you're not careful...

There we go!!!

And there he is, tucked under a bit boulder near his buddies. At least some passing eagle won't swoop down and scoop him up!


  1. I never saw a blue starfish, he's huge!

    I have found that little-bear eyes can be beary effective.

    I think you are going to miss that island.

  2. @Buttons - They are pretty big! He's actually a shade of purple - that is the most common colour down here - although we have seen orangey ones too.

    Little bear eyes see things that human eyes often don't! Maybe because little bears are closer to the ground??

    Yup, definitely going to miss it!

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Mama didn't actually do alllll that much... I'm sure if I had had some little bear friends here, we could have managed a starfish rescue too!