Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Towering Hike

(Editors Note: Sandy's chronological adventures are a bit mixed up right now... that's what happens when you prepost things! He's still in Edmonton but wanting to wrap up his Salt Spring adventures first!)

I get to go for a hike today!!! Yay!!!
First we had to drive a fair distance... well... 20 km... which is quite a distance on a small island!!

Then I had to hike up these stairs that climbed over a fence. I guess they figured sheep can't get up these stairs. Hmmpph... a little bear could barely make it over too!

And we're off!!!

It's nice and mossy here... but I stick out like a sore thumb with my red jacket. Can you see me way out there?

Yoo-hoo!!! I have to wave my red jacket sometimes so Mama can see me better!

Whoa... some seriously thick moss here!

And the branches are covered with it too.. Wheeeee, I'm flying!!!

Oh hey... something to climb... that's always fun. But it's getting warm out, so better leave the jacket behind...

huff'n'puff... scramble... scramble...

Ta-dahhh!!! I made it!! That was fun!

Mmm... now it's just how to get down! Going up is always easier than going down!

Luckily there was a nice thick moss cushion at the bottom to catch me.


  1. What a cool looking tree stump. Almost prehistoric looking.

  2. Oooh... maybe from the Stoneage Cave Bear time!!

  3. We somehow missed this post, but that tree looks like a great place for a bear (and friends of bears) club house! We nominate Sandy as President!

  4. @Jerry & Ben - that's OK... I lose track of my posts too! I think Ben should be President and I could be Prime Minister! Jerry could be the Bee Keeper!