Saturday, June 30, 2012

A rose by any other name....

After all of the poppy excitement yesterday, Sandy is keeping his eyes wide open (very wide open) for other flowers that might be lurking in hidden corners of the world. Today... he came across these beautiful pink flowers! Beautiful!
They are wild roses and smell absolutely delectable! Sandy can't quite get enough of them... and isn't totally paying attention as he scampers from flower to flower... until he comes nose to nose with... the Thorns!
Oooh... those look very prickly! Better not get too close to the stems. No climbing, that's for sure! Sandy will have to content himself with reaching the flowers via different means... which aren't always as efficient.
Sandy might have to content himself with this view of the flower! They are all different shades of pink - some are very dark (they are still young) and some are palest pink (they are much older). Sandy loves all of the colours! Being a winter bear, he was so used to just seeing white and brown and grey... so this new season called Summer is definitely making an impact! Oh my goodness... Summer came and went without Sandy even noticing! So far, it's his most favourite season... mind you first winter was his favourite (and only) season... then spring was his favourite season... now summer is his favourite season! We'll see what autumn brings!

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