Saturday, January 21, 2012

X-rayed Bear

Little bear had an x-ray today. Alas, we don't have a picture of it because the security people at the airport aren't all that accomodating when it comes to little bears! Suffice to say that little bear went through the security screening checkpoint at the airport and came out the other end free and clear. Our little bear is not a security risk. No claws, no teeth, no hidden sharp objects...

After the excitement of that, how would the rest of the airport compare? Well, the view out the windows was a bit blizzardy, but little bear had fun watching the planes taxi out to the runway. And the huge snowploughs were a site to behold as well! But there is only so much excitement to be had in watching snow being ploughed and airplanes moving back and forth.

Little bear found it far more exciting to sit in his chair and watch people go by and listen to them. People at this particular gate were headed off to a place called Cuba. By watching the people, little bear learned that they were obviously going somewhere much warmer! Unklike him, these folks were dressed in t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Ah... to go somewhere warm and sunny! Little bear is an observant little bear...

We too can learn a lot just by watching and listening. Sometimes we speak too soon and say too much. Far better to sit back and just observe... what can we learn from just watching people? We can learn a lot... but it takes some time... It also forces us to stop and just be...

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