Monday, January 9, 2012

Up and Down, Back and Forth

Little bear went back to the playground today and tried out a few of the other options. While the slide was a fairly solitary pursuit, he quickly learned that if he wanted to enjoy the teeter-totter or the swing... he was going to need some help! A teeter-totter is not fun for a single little bear, unless he just wants to sit there and stare at the world going by. And a swing is similar... just sitting there, waiting for the wind to move something along probably wasn't going to work! What was really required was someone with whom to enjoy the playground! Luckily, little bear did have someone close at hand, although the teeter-totter was a bit interesting at first...

Which is sort of a metaphor for our lives as well. Some things are best enjoyed as solitary pursuits.... and others definitely require someone else to enter into the fun! Traveling can be a lot of fun on one's one... but add someone else into the mix and it can be even more enjoyable! So, maybe when we find ourselves a bit stuck with our attempts at doing things "on our own" we might want to look and see if all we need is a helping hand and someone else to enjoy the activity with us!

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