Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tuneful Bear

Little bear has discovered the sound of music! He loves the radio, but sometimes he just wants to listen to something else... all by himself. And maybe turn up the volume and drown out extraneous noise! Nowadays there are tonnes of music to listen to and little bear is developing quite an eclectic taste in music. A bit of everything. Some classical. Some blues. Some classic rock. Some pop. Just no heavy metal... too hard on the eardrums! He absolutely loves the nature music!! Sounds of birds and the wind and the waves with a bit of light music... ahhh... that's the sound!

Now, admittedly, the headphones are a little big for little bear... but so far he's doing OK with them. Not sure human ear bud style headphones are going to fit in his little bear ears!

But little bear has a lesson for us here as well. Sometimes the best way we can handle the stresses of life is to sit back, put on a pair of headphones and just let the music wash over us...

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  1. thanks for these kind's nice to be able to listen to sounds of nature when the weather outside is too stormy to actually walk in it...sort of like life is sometimes too. and i loved yesterday's mini story of Bearista and Rascal the cat! I hope Rascal is feeling much better. My Rascal is doing great and is a very happy little dog...and funny too. And Dragon the car spends more time indoors as he gets older...too old to fight off all the younger cats in the neighbourhood although friends ask after him like the Chiropractor's office a couple of houses away where Dragon sits on the deck once in a while.