Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playful Bear

Alright, little bear has discovered the joy of photocopiers! Maybe it's something universal in all sentient beings... but a photocopier brings out the playful side in most people... or the impish side... or the silly side! And of course, he had to do all of this on the colour copier... $0.50 per copy!

First it started with a full facial... Little bear obviously had to squinch his eyes tight shut for this one... and for the full frontal, which came next! Must be nice to just lounge around on the photocopier....

And little bear was not content with just those beautiful shots. No, he had to do a full backside as well! Luckily he couldn't figure out how to get his snow pants off...  There's nothing like a bare bear bum to make people run for the hills screaming in terror! A snowpants covered bear bum doesn't have nearly the same fear factor for most people...

Little bear reminds us that sometimes, when life gets crazy and overwhelming and absolutely nuts... we just need to get a little crazy and silly ourselves. Play a bit... have some fun... Photocopy our faces... or hands...

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