Sunday, January 1, 2012

For the Birds

Little bear was out for a walk and came across some very mysterious objects below a tree. What were these things? Small and black and hard. But they didn't seem to have anything edible about them although they did smell very inviting.

Little bear looked around but didn't see anything that would explain how these things got there and then he looked up. What was that? There was something up in the tree! Now what could that be? It was solid and looked sort of like a bell. More investigation was clearly required.

With a bit of help, little bear managed to climb up the tree and discovered that there was a bell-shaped cluster of sunflower seeds up there! It smelled very inviting but was clearly not meant for little bears as it was hanging very much out of reach. Maybe it was for the squirrels? A few chickadees flitted close by and little bear learned that this tasty treat was for them!

Little bear learned a couple of lessons here... sometimes, what is right under your feet or in front of your nose isn’t the most important thing. Sometimes you need to look in a different direction to make sense of the world. Little bear is so used to just looking at things from his view of the world, that sometimes he needs to alter that view. Climbing the tree gave him a different perspective on life as well – which is a lesson for us too. Sometimes we need to go outside of our comfort zone to get a different perspective on life. Sometimes we need to see things from someone else’s point of view – maybe from the viewpoint of a different culture, or a different religion or a different species even.

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