Sunday, January 8, 2012

King of the Mountain

Everything is relative. Little bear discovered a huge mound of snow (for him) and after a bit of a struggle (but with a bit of help), he managed to scale the summit of this mountain. Like generations of children before him, little bear has quickly learned the joy of standing alone upon a summit, with a magnificent view all around. The fact that his snow mountain was the remnants of an old snowman was immaterial to little bear. It was a mountain to him... and he had conquered it. Perhaps little bear needs to carry around a flag to plant upon summits that he has scaled!

It's funny how the simple act of climbing above the regular world creates some space and a sense of clarity for little bears, and for us. It doesn't have to be a "mountain"... it can just be something that raises us above the landscape around us. Getting "up" there gives us a sense of perspective. By just a few 10s of metres, we are a bit closer to the sky. We are a bit higher up... and somehow that infinitesimal distance creates a spirit of joy within us. Little bear knows that feeling. To us, it might be a melting snowman, but to little bear, it is something that lifts him above the world, if only for a time.

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