Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For the Birds - Part 2

Little bear is shaping up to be quite the little naturalist! He is learning a lot about the flora and fauna of this area. So far, he's discovered birds and ant hills... and squirrels and pine cones. Today, little bear noticed a very interesting stump of a tree with holes dug into it. Little bear learned that these holes are made by birds, searching for bugs. The stump of a tree is a great example of how the cycle of life happens. A tree grows, provides shade and shelter for various birds and animals. It gets old and is broken by a strong wind, but its contribution to the world is not over. The resulting stump starts to die and insects come along to help the process along, returning the tree to the ground from which it came. Along come a few birds to feast on the insects... and a little bear to investigate.

Our lives too form a cycle. People come into our lives and touch us... and then move on to other things and other places. We grow old and our influence changes and alters. We view life differently and contribute to life in a different way. When we are young, it is our vigour and energy that we bring to activities. When we are older, it is our wisdom and life experience that we bring. In all of this, we are able to share of ourselves and contribute to others.

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