Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enough... More than Enough!

So little bear came into our home for Christmas and there were an abundance of sweets lying around. I mean an abundance!! We actually loaded up a shopping bag with excess sweets that we wanted... but didn't need... and put them in the food bank box at the local Sobey's. There's self control for you. Alas, little bear didn't have as much self control. He discovered the stash of loose chocolates and well... went to town with them.

Little bear has learned a couple of lessons here... chocolates taste good initially but one can actually overdose on them... to the point that one feels ill. Also, chocolates do not just pass through the little bear system without having consequences. Little bear noticed that his jacket was fitting a little more snug than usual and finally acknowledged that chocolates might be the culprit. The only other option was that his jacket had shrunk in the sun, but after much searching on Google, little bear admitted that there was no scientific corroboration of that.
Pudgy bear

So, we are left with a slightly pudgy bear and a bunch of empty chocolate wrappers. It seems like little bear will have to learn the finer points of losing weight... exercise... and getting rid of any leftover chocolates!

I'm just guessing, but that might be the case for a few of us who also over-indulged over Christmas. Too much chocolate, too much stuffing, too much turkey... and not enough movement!

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  1. Too cute! ...too much stuffing? In a stuffed bear? Funny! Look at that pile of wrappers....pudgy bear is right!