Friday, January 27, 2012

Caring Bear

So one of little bear's friends got a little sick last week with gallstones. Very painful for little bear's friend! She even had her belly shaved thanks to an ultrasound. Although she's feeling much better, little bear decided that he should check her out.

After examining her belly and deciding that "yes, the hair is growing back", he just sat with her and offered a sympathetic ear and a caring presence.

Little bear is pretty good that way. He doesn't say a lot... and sometimes that's what people really need. They just need someone to sit and listen and not say anything. They don't need us to fix them. They don't need us to do anything. Just listen. Little bear could have told his friend that she really needed to lose some weight, eat right, exercise more, etc. etc. But she didn't need to hear that. How often do we offer advice to someone when all they really need is an open ear?

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