Friday, January 13, 2012

Calm Bear

Today, after another dose of yoga, little bear was introduced to the magic of the Tibetan singing bowl. Listening to the bowl, little bear was able to let go of all those thoughts "when will I ever lose those pounds"... "will my coat ever fit properly again"... and actually just be in the present moment and listen to the soothing drone of the singing bowl.

After a few rounds, little bear wanted to try it as well. Alas, he started off with the felt end of the stick, which is the harder end with which to begin. But after a bit of practicing, and turning the stick around, the little bear managed a passable hum on the bowl. Nothing spectacular, but you have to admit, the bowl is a little big for him, and he did get a little dizzy running around the bowl rubbing the stick against the edge. Little bear will have to grow bigger before he can manage the singing bowl with any finesse.

Sometimes that's how it is for us as well. We think we should excel at something right now, right away. And maybe the truth is, we need more practice, we need to become "bigger" or "calmer" or "more grounded". We just need to have patience with ourselves!

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