Monday, January 16, 2012

Bearista Bear Hockey League

Having seen people having so much fun playing hockey on the ice, little bear figured that maybe he should give it a whirl. Alas, they don't make hockey sticks for little bears, so he had to improvise. A little scouting along the lake shore and, voila, a perfect "hockey stick" was found. A little round rock and he was ready to go.

Little bear learned some laws of physics today - (1) the law of exert a force and there will be an opposite and equal force to counteract it and (2) the law of gravity. Whacking at the rock made the rock go in one direction and little bear in the other direction, which given the slipperiness of the ice, meant he ended up on his bum again. Little bear has decided that he is unlikely to pursue a career in the Bearista Bear Hockey League. Maybe he'll just cheer from the sidelines!

Which we can do as well. We might not have the skills or the talents to excel at something like playing hockey or figure skating, but we can sure contribute in other ways. The other lesson little bear learned was that sometimes things are a lot harder than they look! Hockey players make it look so easy... but unless it becomes a career for little bear... well, better to focus on something else! Which could be a lesson for us as well. Find what we are passionate about and excel at that!

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  1. Hockey! We love hockey too, well, mostly watching it, when we try to skate, we mostly fall on our little behinds. Thank goodness we have plenty of padding.