Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bear on Ice

Today little bear discoverd that he could walk on water! Frozen water that is... Having seen several people out on the lake, little bear figured that if the ice was thick enough to support them, then it could probably support him.

The expanse of ice looked very inviting in the winter light... and all those people sliding around on it with such ease made little bear think "it can't be all that hard". With a few tentative shuffles, little bear managed to get out onto the ice. There, that wasn't so bad! Just a few wobbles and a few slithers. Now, maybe a few shuffle slides, and he'd be off and skating like those people over there!

Alas, little bear learned that skating is not as easy as it looks... not at all. With a bit of windmilling of the arms and a bit of dancing of the legs, little bear landed flat on his bum. Luckily his winter hat has some padding... as do his snow pants, so he was well protected. Hmmm... maybe this skating thing was going to take a bit of practice! After a bit of grunting and some slithering along the ice, little bear discovered a patch of wind-blown snow. Ahhh... terra firma!! Or at least something that is relatively stable!

Maybe he'll just try some sliding motions to start with... get his ice legs under him... Walking or sliding on ice is very different than walking on land... but with a bit of practice he'll get the hang of it!

The one thing with little bear is this... he won't give up. If at first he doesn't succeed at skating, he'll try again! Which is a good lesson for us as well. If we don't suceed at something at our first try... that just means that we might need to practice a bit more... and give it some time. Despite falling on his bum, little bear had a blast out on the ice!!

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  1. ...kind if a 'cool' metaphor for learning new behavior...a little practise and we'll get the hang of it..