Sunday, January 22, 2012

Air Bear

So, little bear had his first plane ride. He was monstrously excited to get on the plane and wanted to everything all at once! Luckily it was a fairly empty plane, so little bear got to have a seat all to himself. There was a lot of activity going on while the plane was on the ground. Baggage was being loaded, passengers were getting onboard. There were other planes nearby which were leaving. Little bear had his nose glued to the window for the longest time. How was this massive thing going to get into the air?? Where were the wheels going to fit? How far can it fly? How high? How fast? How many passengers can fit on here (people... not little bears). Could he ride up in the overhead bin? Little bear had a tonne of questions...

He hopped around his seat like a little jumping bean. Looking out the window, crawling into the seat pocket, examining the safety card, learning where the emergency exits were. He paid strict attention during the safety demonstration and then got some help putting on his seat belt. Except once he was strapped into his seat, things got very boring... He couldn't see out the window or move around or see anything that was going on. Very boring...

But then... movement! The plane was moving back from the gate... taxi-ing down to the end of the runway and finally... with a burst of speed that pushed little bear into his seat, the plane was airborne. Wow!!! What new adventures were going to await him when he got to his destination? Would he make friends?

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