Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Day at the Beach

We went to the beach! It was a gorgeous sunny day and +13C - spring weather!

I wonder if they humans packed a snack?

 Well... yes they did! Fresh kiwi and some nuts and seeds. More of a Reindeer diet but... still, they are trying!

The herring run is happening right now... and there goes a fishing boat!

Sigh... I like living on the coast!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Planting Radishes!

Hullo! I thought I would do a quick tour of our garden. We still have winter kale...

And the broccoli is still making little heads... nice!

Strawberries overwintered well...

Hmmm. I think the Swiss Chard needs some thinning of old leaves.

We still have some scallions (basically green onions).

And now... we added a bit of compost and...

Are going to plant some radishes! They grow well in cool spring weather and taste super yummy!

We also dug up some Jerusalem Artichokes... Sunchokes... they're a tuber of sorts.

They apparently taste kind of nutty but.... shhhhhh... they make you kind of gassy!

I've never tried them before so I'll let the humans test this out... there's nothing worse than little bear toots!

But I will have some of what's cooking on the bbq!!

Do you want to know what it is? Consider this your official drool alert then!

Mmmm... bratwurst sausages... sooo good... And look there's six of them... I wonder if I have six stuffie friends who would like a sausage... wait... 5 stuffie friends, cause I need one for me!

Or maybe I need two?

I'm not sure if there will be any left for my stuffie pals!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Road Trip - continued...

Hullo again... I am roaming the streets of Chemainus searching for some food. I is a hungry bear having just done a tour of all the street murals.

Oh, this place looks promising... all those bears on the roof trying to get in.

Ohhhh... do you see it??!!! Let me at it...

Excuse me... sorry...

Ooofff... pardon my foot in your eye but I have a bear butt on my head!

Pardon me... ohhhh... almost there!

A bee hive... let me at it!!!

Eh? What??? It's just a wooden carving... ugh....

Let's try the secret garden...

Beary pretty!

Bears with ice cream!!!

Or frozen yogurt... except it's closed.

Why me!!! I am starving!

Oh, I found some local residents... These must be some of Little Fox's relations... Do you know where I can find some food??? ... uh huh... ok... and then left at the gingerbread house? OK...

There's the gingerbread house!!!

Oh, and this bear is putting across the street...

And here we are... the Willow Street cafe... looks good...

Beary busy inside which is always a good sign...

And here's a local bear hanging out! Hello!!!

Ahhh... well that was good. What did I have for lunch? Not telling... it was too yummy and I forgot to post a drool alert... let's just say there was some chicken... Now where to...

OK... teleport to Victoria!! And another visit to the beach...

With a beautiful sunset...

So nice...

And there's the legislature, all lit up... What a great outing!!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Road Trip!

OMG! I got to go on an outing!!! Yay!!! Today, we went to Chemainus... I've never been here before, so this is pretty cool.

I am scoping out places for my future Stuffie Tour...

Hmmm... what does Chemainus have to offer? Oooh... "World Famous Murals"?!! That sounds cool.

Wow... this is a log roller guy...

And on the other side of the mural is a train! I know a certain stuffie who likes trains...

It looks like a steam engine? On rails on pilings over the water... cool.

It looks like these are historical murals. This one is of a steam donkey, I think it's called... hauling a log out of the bush.

Oh, I like this one!!!

It has another steam locomotive!

And there's some First Nations ones as well...

Huh... this is Mr. Moose.... he's a bit early for St. Patrick's Day but it's nice to know there is a welcoming stuffie here in town.

Another one about the mail... getting to the soldiers in WWI.

This one is all about coal mining...

I don't think that coal car counts as a "train"...

But maybe that little locomotive does?

These are really neat!

And another train!!

This one has a beary nice sailing ship...

Oh, I've seen this one on the internet!!

Beary impressive!

Wow, this is a big one... does it have a train in it though?

 Yes it does!!!

I like this one - nice colours with the arbutus trees.

There sure are a lot of murals here!

Cool... do you see the kitty in the window?

And the bear on the bicycle?

OK, I think there are more murals but... I am hungry!!!

To Be Continued...