Thursday, January 17, 2019

Strange Mushrooms

Well... I made it through the tunnel of darkness on the way back and explored the little lakes below the waterfall/creek. It is beary pretty here!

And there are some strange fungi here... these bright yellow ones were growing on the side of a tree... beary cute... but strange.

They look kinda like yellow jelly and... that is one name for them... Yellow Jelly fungi... also known as Witch's Butter... Hmmm...

 Then I found this cool area with big rock blocks all tumbled over each other...

There might be caves there!!!

Let's go exploring...

Ooohhh... a cave of sorts... nothing in there though.

I don't know why a little bear would want to explore dark caverns without a flashlight but... live dangerously I always say...

Ooohhh... more yellow mushrooms. Always on the lookout for chanterelles but these aren't them... pretty though.

And beary bright...

Do any of you hunt chanterelles?

All sorts of dark corners in these tumbled blocks...

It'd be a super great place for stuffies to play hide and seek!

Or the other game... hide and then jump out at the seeker and scare the bejeezus out of them!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Surviving the Waterfall Adventure

In the last blog... I left you all on edge about whether I would survive the tunnel of darkness... well... I'm happy to report that I did! (Clearly... otherwise I wouldn't be writing this!

Whew... that was some scary in there... but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There was a strange concrete thing on the otherside - kind of like an elevated creek bed channel... with water flowing in it. Strange...

There were even fossil imprints... looks like a canine and maybe a dinosaur tooth... strange... I didn't think they overlapped in the prehistoric record... hmmm...

I'm gonna hope that I don't meet either of them on this trip! (Some canines can be hard on stuffies!)

Ah... I see a waterfall! Wow...

That is a lot of water! I can barely hear myself think!

Beary pretty...  be even nicer with sunshine and blue sky but... can't have everything.

There's also another dam further up there... through this chainlink fence...

I could sneak underneath the fence but my photographer wouldn't make it soo... adventure is cut short.

 I like waterfalls!

And just one more photo... cause I can.

And back through the tunnel of darkness... I might scamper a bit faster this time!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sandy's Waterfall Adventure

Hullo again! (I'm going to use spell and grammar check today cause I had a heck of a time reading the blog post the other day!) Mama is still in Winterpeg and I decided to look through the folders and... I found a whole big adventure's worth of photographs that had not been posted! sigh... humans... so... I am posting it! In installments of course...

It was near the end of last year... and I was going cabin crazy after the power outages and stuff. So, off we went... but the parking lot of the place we were going was closed!

Why was it closed? Cause the trail was closed? Why was the trail closed? Likely because of downed trees due to the big windstorm a few weeks back.

But it was pretty clear from all the cars parked along the road that that hadn't stopped others... and it wasn't gonna stop me! Let's go!

Ooohh... a map... excellent. A friend of ours said there was a nice waterfall here... somewhere... Mama said she looked in the summer and it was just a trickle but... it might be running better now.

Nice lake!

It's beary peaceful here... just a few mergansers on the water.

I think the best way to find the waterfall is to follow the creek upstream... what do you think?

Oooh... do you think that is it over there? Nah... that's pretty small...

Whoa... that is quite the bridge...

Why don't you go first... you know... just to make sure it's safe!

Good point... better that I go first and get across safely than be stuck on this side with no way back if something happens!

Oh wow... a tunnel... and the creek comes out of it...

Ummm... this time you are DEFINITELY going first!

 Yup, right behind ya... are we there yet? This creek is really, really noisy through the tunnel... someone could be sneaking up on us and we'd never hear them!

To Be Continued (we hope)

Monday, January 7, 2019

SaNDy posts hiz own bLog post cawz he kan

Hullo - I jst thawght I'd post a bLog Today wyl Mama is awff in Winterpeg. She dd awffer to bring mee alonG but... the wether was -40C (tht's also -40F - the 1 point on the 2 scayls wear they meet and eqwal the same temperachur!). That seemed a TaD colld... and so I selflessly awffered to hold down the fort at home. [Clearly I need to use spell check!]

Things have been a bit hectic lately and Grampa has not been doing well. The other night, he pulled the fire alarm in the care home... and got really nasty with the staff and residents. Which isn't like him at all... He then phoned Mama's partner and demanded that the RCMP be called and despatched with guns drawn because he and everyone else there had been kidnapped... Mama says this thing... dementia... dementors... dementiators... whatever... is taking him over.

I was looking up Expecto Patronum spells... something to keep the dementiators at bay... like maybe a bear patronus... but it seems like there aren't any that work against the dementiators... bollocks.