Monday, October 29, 2018

Sandy Sandstone the Cave Bear

Grog... It is I Sandy Sandstone, cave bear!

Welcome to my abode... Winter is coming and I am going to go and stock up on gourds.

Oooh... two big gourds, these will keep nicely in my cool cave.

Here's another one, a little stripey one... stripes are always cute.

It looks like that's all we'll find today. I might have a snack of nasturtium leaves...

 See you next time!

 **** CUT!! ****

Are they gone??? Seriously???

Good,cause that beard is itchy!!! Argh!!!!

Oh hi... it's me... Sandy!! Whaddaya think?? Not bad, eh?

Nice thick locks of hair...

Good body...

It's amazing what miracle grow does for hair follicles... lol!

Nahhhh... it's me!!! That was just a wig! Whew... it was hot under there... But I'm not taking off any more. I need a hot chocolate I think! By the way... this was my home-made costume entry for Jerry & Ben's Halloween Costume contest!!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Hullo... we had our thanksgiving feast a few weeks ago... it's requires a lot of supervision from this little bear. Oh... and before I forget...


Can you guess what's under the foil? I'll let you drool a bit thinking about that.

Here we have some broth ready to make some yummy gravy...

See... yummy gravy!

I'm not sure what's going on with this bowl... cause we have some visitors...

 It's Rose!!!

And she and her Dad are making a surprise for us...

 I wonder what it is? It's gone into the oven...

Can you tell??

While we were waiting, I put Rose to work shredding some papers... gotta make the young work for their dinner you know!

Ummm... can you tell yet?

And now we're making some whipped cream... whew... this is hard work!

And I think we're finally ready... here's the turkey and potatoes!

With stuffing of course!

Now, I know you'd all like a step-by-step look at each part of the meal but... not going to get it! The mystery concoctions made by Rose and her Dad were... Yorkshire Puddings! And very good ones too with that yummy gravy!!

Then there was pumpkin pie for dessert...


Rose is being silly! She shared her last piece with me!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Surprise Trip!

 Ummm... good morning! Huh... this is weird.

I better get dressed. Something is off!

Where'd the house go??

Hah! We're camping!!! Yay!

I see my humans have been busy this morning, that's a nice fire...

Now for some hot chocolate...

Oh, they already have the water on the stove.

And the hot chocolate powder is ready to go!

Do you think they know it's sekrebeary evaluation time again?

I'm going to sit and enjoy myself!

And now it's time for a little hike.

Off to the ocean.

It's a bit brisk... camping in September is a bit chillier than other times of the year!

Someone made a nice stone arrangement on the beach.

Is it time for lunch yet?

It is!! Ooohhh... smoked salmon...

And candied salmon...

With shrimp!

And brie and crackers!

They definitely must know something is in the wind...

AND a bendable chocolate chip cookie...  yum!!! Yes... bribery does work on this little bear!

And then another fire in the evening...

Sigh... camping is so much fun!