Saturday, June 9, 2018

Garden Update (out of date)

Er... hello... this post is a bit... ummm... delayed... These photos were taken in mid... *cough*Ap*hack*ril*wheeze*. Ah-hem... let's get on then, shall we?

Right, so we planted some kale... it's always good in smoothies.

There are some leeks left over from last year. We read that if you leave them in the ground, the bulbs multiply underground and you'll get young leeks next to them... so we are trying it.

We're also trying some kohlrabi this year... because it's supposed to be good in coleslaw... hoping it works OK.

And in this trench... are our baby potatoes...

It's hard to dig a trench in a raised bed but... we'll give it a shot. And along the bag of that bed are peas and sweet peas.

Ummm... yes... the grass is a bit long...

Note to self... do not leave pots on lawn too long...

Hey, tulips are coming! They look unhappy though - don't think they like their neighbours in this bed...

Trying to rat-proof the compost bins. Made a frame for the base with that super-duper rat-proof wire underneath. Silly rats.

And here we have spinach and mesclan...

Great in salads!

Our winter kale is still going strong (well... it was in mid...*cough*Ap*wheeze*ril*hack*...)

Rock garden is looking very good.

It's good to have lots of flowers for the bees you know.

Those pink things are primroses we got from an old abandoned property up the road (before the backhoes tore the place apart). They are WAY better than store-bought primroses. More flowers and more hardy too....

So pretty!

We have one Euphorbia plant - it has nice chartreuse-coloured flowers but... when they start to go to seed, we have to cut them off otherwise we'd have a million baby Euphorbias!

Love bleeding hearts!

Oh... and in the greenhouse we have some squash seeds incubating....


  1. Wow, nice garden! You should get that wheeze and cough checked out :)

    1. Yep... garden is coming along nicely! Wheeze is much better!

  2. Do they offer master gardener certification in Canada? Perhaps something you can work toward. I hear the upkeep in a rock garden is tough, but I must admit yours looks good.

    1. Well, it's been raining a fair bit lately and everything likes that...

  3. Wow! Your garden is looking great!!!