Thursday, April 19, 2018

Road Trip!!

And we're off!!! We're going on a road trip. I am so beary excited!!

We didn't get very far though.... We're back in Chemainus... having lunch at the Willow Street Cafe... mmmm

I wonder what I'll have today?

 Well... a scone with split pea soup sounds yummy! Their scones are seriously good...

We're also stopping at another sight here.... not the murals like last time...

It's something more mechanical... from the old-time logging days.

It's a steam locomotive! I think Jerry & Ben might like it... one of them likes trains... I think.

I'd like to get in there and have a look but... it's pretty locked up.

Hmmm... This locomotive was built in 1924... and was one of the last steam locomotives operating in BC. Cool.

I wonder if it was painted black back in the day?

It would look much nicer if it was red or something... don't you think?

Or it could have a stuffie face painted on the front too!!

We drove a bit farther and then stopped to look at a place called Spectacle Lake. We keep missing the turn off for it because it is NOT well sign-posted... but after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and checking Google Maps... here we are!

I wonder if this little creek gets salmon in the fall? Sure looks like it would be good salmon spawning habitat...

Whew... are we there yet?

Oh hey! There it is... I wonder why it's called Spectacle Lake? Is it named after glasses or did someone make a spectacle of themselves here?

After yet more driving... we ended up here... our stop for the night. It's an old house attached to a pub! Spinnaker's Guesthouse and Brew Pub. I like that....


I am one pooped bear... and the bed looks beary comfy....

 More adventures to come!


  1. I think your face would be perfect on the front of that locomotive. We could call it the "Sandy Express"! :)

    1. Oohhh... that's a great idea! The Sandy Express... I like it!

  2. A pub that is a b and b? Nice find.

    1. It was a good find... and the breakfasts were scrumptious... they had smoked salmon hash... yum!

  3. Do you have a relative of Ooogie hanging in your car?