Friday, April 13, 2018

Gardening in the Greenhouse

Goodness... I am sooooo far behind in blog posts! I'm not sure what's going on with my sekrebeary... it's getting seriously bad... By the way... this is a gardening post... so if you are in the frozen, snowy Midwest... consider yourself forewarned!

Although... we had a snow shower the other day... see the snow? It didn't stick around but... I can sympathize with those who are still up to their armpits in snow!

Here's the full moon from March 31 (see how far behind I am?)

Anyhow... gardening.... we have planted some radishes... that was a few weeks ago... today we are in the greenhouse.

 Last year the walls of the greenhouse got a little green so I had the humans clean the plastic this spring... looks good!

Ah... here we are... Hmmm... someone has planted some nasturtium seeds... nice.

And we've got the shelves out  for putting seedlings on too.

There's a lot going on in here... I will supervise from a safe (dirt-free) location.

Let's see... we've got some squash seeds planted. Excellent.

And here's some spinach... nice...

Not sure what's going in here... tomatoes I think. That's a bit of compost dumped on there... now... to go and find a hot chocolate. Supervising is hard work you know.


  1. Any Basil? Looks like you have a good start. My human just started taking me to home depot for vegetable starts.....finally.

    1. No basil yet... and we still have to get some tomato babies... it's still a bit cool at night (frost some night) so we are waiting a bit.

  2. The green house looks great! whom would you be referring we another BLIZZARD is in the process of annoying us...

    1. If it's any consolation - Winterpeg is having the same problem as you guys...