Monday, April 16, 2018

A Hike!

Hooray!!! We got out for a hike!! A few weekends ago... Did I mention I'm behind on blog posts?

We tried a different trail this time... and there's a cute little stream with a bridge.

And a little lake.

So pretty!

I like arbutus trees, they look so beautiful.

Oh wow... that looks like it would be a great bridge across the lake... what do you think?

I had my human test it and it appears pretty solid.

Maybe I'll just sit here and look cute!

We found some pussy willows!!!

Big, fat ones too... they are plush like a stuffies fur....

It's so good to be out on an adventure in the woods.

Wow... that's cool. A little salal bush growing in an old broken off tree trunk.


Signing off from Sandy the Adventurer!


  1. What a great hike; we love hikes too. Now, what snacks did you enjoy (that is a beary important part of the hike you know...)

    1. Happy hiking.
      Now, tell us more about the snacks.

    2. This seems to be an ongoing failure of the sekrebeary... no snacks! I know... Jerry is already searching for his "strike" sign...

  2. The last photo is my favorite! You look like you're ready to take over the world!

    So did you cross the lake on that bridge? It looks a bit sketchy to me...