Saturday, December 9, 2017

Walk with Gramma

Hullo! Isn't this a nice mural? It almost looks like the leaves on the ground blend right into the mystical forest. Beary nice.

We are going for a little walk today... up a hill...

Gramma has slowed down a bit in the last year... but she still made it up the hill!

I had time to admire the snowbanks which are beary dirty. There was a tonne of snow just before we arrived but it's been raining... sigh.

I'm hoping for some "snowy, winter shots" so I can get a new banner photo...

This isn't bad...

At the top of the road hill, we were at the bottom of the mountain trail... this is where we buried some of Rascal's ashes in the spring. Let's see if we can find her memorial stone...

It's just to the left of that clump of birch.

There it is! A bit buried under snow and leaves but still there. RIP little cat.

It would be nice to go for a bit of a walk in the woods but the trails are super slippery... soooo...

We didn't walk but... I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine.

This is Silver... he was the stuffie assigned to keep Rusty (Gramma's dog) in line. Rusty was actually beary gentle with Silver and just... you know... slobbered him beary well! Do you have any words, Silver?

"Hullo... I'd like to give a big bark-out to all my fellow canine stuffies. In particular - "rarf!" to Droopy & Co! as well as Boo who lives with Jerry & Ben and then there's Parker who lives with Ajdin... and finally a high-paw to Little Fox (who's family, of course!). Hope I haven't missed anybody out there! "Woof!!"


  1. Boo says "Arf, arf, arf" which we think means Hi Rusty!

  2. Nice to meet you, Silver! A big bark-out to you as well! :)

  3. Hi Silver,
    Good to know Gramma has a stuffy dog keeping things in line up there.

    Sandy, I think you need some more snow for your banner photo - maybe you should spend a couple more days with Gramma.

  4. @Jerry & Ben - Arf!! Right back at you!
    @Droopy - Woof!
    @LF - More snow? I don't know that it's going to get more snowy than that... unless... I travel somewhere!