Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

You know how... on Christmas morning... your eyes just "bing!" open...

That was me!!

Oooh... lights... and presents!!!

And a gift for me!! (Obviously)

I wonder what it could be??

Oh wow... hold that thought... and don't look!!

Ta-dahhhhh!!!! It's my new winter outfit!! I was hoping I'd get a new outfit this year...

It has wool pants and a wool smoking jacket... with a cute plaid shirt and green tie. A perfect lounging outfit for Sherlock Sandy!


  1. Sandy now all you need is a warm mug of hot chocolate to accent your new outfit.

    1. Very true! But "someone" is saying that a little bear is getting a bit chubby drinking all this hot chocolate and needs to go on a diet. I think it's just hibernation padding but...

  2. Nice outfit! Definitely looks like something up Sherlock Sandy's alley.